Founded on 1972 in the central area of Israel (Even Yehuda) by Dr. Avi Pelossf & Dr. Ariel Ottolenghi, Arda Plast Ltd. is in continuous operation since 1973.
Arda is driven by a pioneering spirit to develop innovative new products and provide comprehensive capabilities for custom plastic packaging. We evolve our resources to meet the changing market needs and have developed flexible production processes to drive our unique advantage.
Today Arda Plast employs approximately 160 people.
Our production and storage facility cover 10,000 square meters and is one of the top three Israeli thermo formers, mainly serving the packaging markets of food, consumer goods and agriculture.  We design and manufacture both custom and standard products from PET and PP to our strategic customers and operate distribution and reseller network in US, Europe and Israel.
Our export products consist of foils, containers & lids made from PET and PP. Arda Plast Ltd, products and operations comply with the ISO9001, HACCP and SEDEX.

Our mission in Arda Plast:
  • *  Be a customer driven, high quality manufacturer of plastic packaging
  • *  Manufacture and design products in a safe and environmentally responsible manner
  • *  Be a growing and financially sound company
  • *  Protect the environment by maximizing and optimizing recycling methods
  • *  Maintain and support inclusive and multicultural work environment

For more info please contact our sales team : sales@arda.co.il